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Seo Joohyun
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Taeyeon hugged maknae when she read a letter to her beloved unnies.

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Seohyun’s letter to her unnies #HappySeohyunDay

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Name: Seo Joohyun
Stage name: Seohyun
Sometimes known as: Swaghyun, Seororo etc
D.O.B: June 28 1991
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, in charge of swag
Other occupations: Student, Model, Actress, Ambassador, (Soon to be) President, Full-time Goddess
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Happy 23rd Birthday Seohyun!

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[28/06/2014] happy birthday seo joohyun ♡♡♡ 

today, is the day when a sweet kid as sweet as potato was born to the earth. with her wisdom she can leads the world without eating junk food. and that person is seo joohyun.. happy birthday seo joohyun!

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On June 28,1991 a baby was born named Seo Joohyun! Happy Birthday to the one and only maknae of SNSD!

Seo Joohyun, thank you for existing. You have struggled so many times in the past just to be in the place where you are now and because of that i’ve been admiring life since then. You are pure and innocent that people/netizens always fail to recognize you as the maknae of the group.You’ve worked hard and done your bests in every album, live performances and many more. along with your eight unnies. We’re so happy about your achievements including the musical with Kyuhyun and the drama. You have proved yourself to your haters as well as your fans that you’re versatile. We love you with all our hearts because of your passion and also your love to us. We will always be here for you no matter what happens and no matter what decisions you will be making in the near future that will make you even happier. As fans, we will continue on supporting SNSD until the end of time. Stay pretty, cute, hot, gorgeous and perspicacious and many more adjectives that describes you in the positive x-axis. Thank you for taking care of your dorky unnies and they are lucky to have you as their maknae, a tender,loving and caring maknae to be exact. You’re parents raised you well and for that you’ve been my inspiration since then and also to the other people. Discover more in life! an and always stay positive! Take care always! eat well, exercise well and throw away the bad vibes every time, okay? Love ya seohyunie!



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